3 Things You Should Never Do If You Have Back Pain

If you develop back pain at some point, then it is important to be aware of what things can make the pain worse. To prevent further pain and injury, here are 3 things you should never do.

Arching Your Back

One of the worst things for your back is arching it. Arching the spine puts pressure on the lower vertebrae, and it can result in injury if you arch your back while working out. For example, if you get on the floor in the push-up position and let your lower back sag some, and you will feel instant pressure on the spine and muscles.

One way to prevent an arched back is by keeping your core tight. To do this, suck your naval in toward your spine, and then contract the ab muscles. If you get into the same push-up position again, you will notice that it is almost impossible for your back to arch when the core is tight.

You should apply this rule whether you are working out, lying down, or doing other activities that may require some strain on your back.

Lifting with Your Back

Second, you should never lift anything with your back muscles and spine because of the trauma this can cause to your aching back. If you have to pick up a box off of the ground, do not bend over from the waist and lift up. This will pull on your back greatly, and you will not be properly balanced.

Instead, bend down at the knees, grab the box or item you are trying to pick up, and lift the item up against your chest while your legs push your body into the standing position. Your back should not bend much and should not feel much strain when you are standing up if you do this correctly.

Doing High Impact Sports and Activities

Lastly, you should avoid any sport or activity that is high impact. High impact means that your spine and knees will compress or feel the impact of what you are doing. This includes jumping on a trampoline, doing flips, running, and mountain biking on rough terrain.

If you choose to do these activities or other high impact sports, then your spine through your neck and back can feel more pain. This is because of the constant pressure you put on your spine as your body compresses downward. As a good rule of thumb, avoid things that require your feet to land back on the ground with great impact.

By avoiding these 3 things, you can protect your spine and back muscles so that you do not receive any further injury or pain. Click here for info about how to help with these problems.