Preventing Disease: Why You Should Get Your Baby Immunized

After having a baby, it is important to take him or her to a pediatrician so immunization shots can be administered. Keep up with immunizations shots can help you avoid having to deal with your child getting certain disease as he or she grows up. In this article, discover a few of the disease that your child can avoid from getting immunized.

What Kind of Diseases Can Immunization Shots Prevent?

One of the diseases that can be prevented if your child is immunized is chickenpox. You don't want your child to get chickenpox because it can lead to him or her experiencing a lot of discomfort. The disease causes small bumps to appear all over the body that itch to the point that your child scratches them until they bleed. Excessive scratching can lead to your child developing scars. A few of the other symptoms caused from chickenpox is a fever and feeling weak.

Mumps is another disease that can be prevented with immunization shots. The disease can cause your child's salivary glands to swell up and cause pain. Mumps can also temporarily affect the way your child's face looks because the disease can lead to the cheeks to puff up. Your child can also develop a high fever, loss of appetite, feel weak or have a hard time swallowing food. Other health problems can develop if the condition is not treated in a timely manner.

It is in your best interest to make sure your child is protected with immunizations, as chickenpox and mumps are only a few of the diseases that can develop. He or she can also get the measles, pertussis and several other diseases.

What Does a Pediatrician Charge for Immunizing a Child?

If you have health insurance for your baby, you can spend as little as $242 for all of the necessary immunization shots until the age of one. Without health insurance coverage, you can expect to pay a pediatrician a minimum of $620 for the first year of immunization shots. You will need to continue getting your child immunized until he or she reaches a certain age. The overall cost for immunization shots throughout your child's life should cost an average of $1,170 without health insurance.

Spending money to get your baby immunized is better than having to pay medical bills from diseases like the mumps and chickenpox. Contact a pediatrician so your baby can get immunized!