Persuading Your Elderly Parent To Move To A Senior Living Facility

If your parent is elderly and starting to display signs that they are having difficulty doing daily activities, you may have thought about looking into moving them to a senior living facility. These homes have the necessary help to keep your parent safe and comfortable. Here are a few tips to use when discussing the situation with your parent in an attempt to make them realize that it is a positive experience that benefits their lifestyle.

Mention In Conversation

Start by subtly mentioning the prospect of moving within regular conversation. Say something about how you would feel much more at ease knowing your parent was in a safe place when you are not nearby and then move on to another topic. This part of the conversation will stick out, making your parent think about it on their own when you are not around.

Bring the subject up a few times a week within normal conversation so your parent is aware you are feeling insecure about them living at home. Finally, have a sit down face to face confrontation about the subject where it is the only topic being discussed. Working your way up to this conversation will make it easier to discuss the topic instead of just blurting it out with no warning, possibly upsetting your parent in the process.

Get Others On Board

The best way to convince your parent that a senior housing facility would be best for them is to have others back up your claim. Talk with your parent's caregivers, friends and other family members to let them know of your concerns. They may help give the push towards what is best for your parent by offering their advice on the matter. If your parent hears that a senior housing facility would be best from their own doctor, they may give it more thought because of the fear of being alone if an accident would occur.

Suggest Going For A Visit

After you have made your wishes known, suggest that you go with your parent on tours of a few facilities in your area. If they are hesitant, tell them there is no commitment and that you are merely looking to see what is available. Remind your parent that many facilities will allow a trial period when you start living there so you do not sell your home right away if it does not work out. This benefit often makes the idea of moving a little easier for hesitant seniors. 

Find a trusted facility, such as Care With Love, to make this transition much easier on both you and your parent.