The Symptoms And Treatments Of Spinal Osteoarthritis

There are many different types of arthritis, which occur when there is inflammation of a joint in the body. With spinal osteoarthritis, you not only have inflammation in your spine, but you also have a breakdown of the cartilage that covers your bones. It is a type of a degenerative joint disease that worsens over time. It can eventually lead to pain and lack of mobility, among other things. Here are some of the common symptoms and treatments of spinal osteoarthritis.

Signs and Symptoms

There are a few different symptoms of spinal osteoarthritis that will tell you it is this condition and not another source of pain. The main symptom for arthritis of the spine is experiencing pain or discomfort in the neck or upper back region. While the condition is in the spine, the pain usually radiates upward. Along with the pain, expect to have some stiffness among any joints that are affected with the inflammation. This often leads to lack of mobility.

In addition to these symptoms, you might also have some numbness in any of your limbs, as the spinal cord can have an effect on different limbs. Another good indication of spinal osteoarthritis is when you experience relief while lying down, but it starts back up when sitting or standing. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms, whether you think they are from spinal osteoarthritis or not. It is important to get checked out so you can have the right tests performed.

Treatment Options

The majority of treatment options for spinal osteoarthritis are non-surgical and non-invasive. The following treatment options allow you to find relief for your painful condition without causing further pain or a complicated recovery. For spinal osteoarthritis, try:

Chiropractic treatment – One of the more common treatment options for different forms of arthritis is chiropractic treatment. They will be as gentle as you need them to be so that they can help relieve the inflammation and pain in your upper back and neck, while not making the discomfort worse. They will use different methods of treatment, including ultrasound therapy, spinal adjustments, hot and cold therapy, and nerve stimulation.

Massage therapy – Massage therapy also provides an excellent treatment option when suffering from spinal osteoarthritis. Massage helps to reduce stiffness, increase circulation, and relax your joints. It helps with this condition, as well as other forms of arthritis if you are suffering from them as well. Benefits of massage for osteoarthritis include increased mobility, reduced pain, and better relaxation. See a massage therapist in your area, such as Inner Beauty Concepts, for more information.

Stretching – Since spinal osteoarthritis can affect your mobility, your doctor might also recommend regular stretching and gentle exercising. This gets your body moving and stretches out your muscles. They will recommend gentle strength-building exercises as well as physical activity that is very gentle on your body, such as swimming.