Back Pain From A Fractured Vertebrae: How Kyphoplasty Can Help

Did you fall down and now experiencing a lot of back pain that won't go away? Your vertebrae might need medical attention from an orthopedic surgeon if it was fractured when you fell down. He or she can perform a procedure called kyphoplasty in an effort to give you pain relief. Find out below what you should know about kyphoplasty surgery and how much a surgeon is estimated to charge you for it.

What will a Surgeon Do During the Procedure for Kyphoplasty?

Before Kyphoplasty is performed, the surgeon will examine your body to determine if you have osteoporosis, as it could have led to your vertebrae getting fractured so easily when you fell down. Osteoporosis must be properly diagnosed in order to take the right steps towards treatment so you can prevent bone fractures in the future. You will also be given a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) test that can measure the amount of density in your bones. Bone density loss can be the result of a compression fracture, which leads to your vertebrae being shorter than normal.

A short vertebrae can be responsible for there being so much back pain that won't go away. If the DXA test reveals that you have bone density loss, the surgeon can bring the bone back to a normal size through kyphoplasty. The kyphoplasty procedure will involve the administration of general or local anesthesia for your comfort. You will also be asked to lie on an operating table face down, as it will allow the surgeon full access to your spine so two incisions can be made.

The incisions are necessary so the surgeon can insert tubes in each of them that can reach the fractured vertebrae. He or she will then send acrylic bone cement through the tubes to add more density to your vertebrae. After the tubes are removed, the incisions will be stitched up to complete the kyphoplasty procedure.

How Much Does an Orthopedic Surgeon Charge to Perform Kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty surgery can be performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis at the discretion of your physician. The procedure is estimated to cost a minimum of $5,000, but can be higher depending on where it is performed. The type of anesthesia used will also have an effect on the overall price. Get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon like one from Town Center Orthopaedic Associates as soon as possible to find out if kyphoplasty can give you back pain relief!