Helpful Information About Osteoarthritis & Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you try to avoid bending your knees because it causes you to experience a lot of pain? It might be time for you to make an appointment with a specialist in case you have osteoarthritis, which can be treated by undergoing knee replacement surgery. Discover in this article a few things about osteoarthritis so you can be prepared in case you are diagnosed with it.

What Leads to a Person Suffering from Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can develop when the cartilage between your knee joints begins to deteriorate. The greater the amount of cartilage that deteriorates, the more pain you will experience in your knees when they are bent. Your knees must have a sufficient amount of cartilage to prevent bones from rubbing against each other and creating friction. Eventually, the bones can become damaged and interfere with your ability to comfortably walk. It is wise for you to get properly diagnosed by a specialist so he or she can treat the condition before it gets worse.

What Happens When a Specialist Treats Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis treatment from a specialist will begin with you undergoing an examination so the condition can be properly diagnosed. He or she will apply pressure to your knees using only hands and ask where you are experiencing the most pain. An X-ray will also be administered to see the condition of cartilage. Treating osteoarthritis will be done via knee replacement surgery, which consists of the damaged joints being removed and replaced with artificial ones. The specialist will give you anesthesia before making an incision in your knee to perform the procedure.

Can a Person Walk Around After Knee Replacement Surgery?

You might not be able to walk to your fullest ability until you begin to recover from knee replacement surgery. Recovery may involve you having to temporarily having to support your body with a walker or crutches until you can comfortably walk without them. Physical therapy is likely going to be necessary to help you regain strength in your knees and muscles, but the actual length of time that you must undergo therapy will depend on your specific needs. After you have fully recovered from knee replacement surgery, you should have the ability to bend your knees without any problems. Get in touch with a specialist like Pottstown Surgical Associates as soon as you are able to so he or she can diagnose osteoarthritis and schedule an appointment for knee replacement surgery!