Things A Back Pain Sufferer Should Consider When Choosing A Mattress

Back pain can be an uncomfortable condition. In fact, many people who suffer from chronic back pain may find it difficult to find relief even when they rest on their bed at night.

Nevertheless, the mattress that a person with back pain chooses can help alleviate or exacerbate his or her pain. Here are several mattress characteristics that you should consider when selecting a mattress if you suffer from chronic back pain:

Make sure that your mattress is firm enough for your back but not so firm that it causes discomfort.

Many people who suffer from back pain find relief by selecting a mattress that is medium firm. One study was conducted to assess whether or not a mattress could improve the comfort levels of people who regularly suffered from back pain. The study found that after about three months, the people who slept on medium firm mattresses experienced less discomfort as they lay on their bed. In addition, people with medium firm mattresses experienced less pain during the other parts of the day.

Mattresses that are too soft may not offer enough support to relieve the muscles of the back. Instead, a person who suffers from back pain may find that their muscles must contract on a soft mattress to try to maintain a body position that is pain-free. However, a mattress that is too firm may apply too much supporting pressure. A mattress with medium firmness should provide enough support to relieve back muscles and incorporate enough softness to alleviate pressure points.

Be sure to consider how the mattress was designed.

Some mattresses have multiple coils per square foot. This can help ensure that the support is consistent on every area of the mattress. The position, number and size of a mattress 'coils can impact the comfort level of a back pain sufferer.

Also, different mattresses have different types of padding that rest on top of the coiling system. Some mattresses even have a memory foam type of padding. To test the effectiveness of the padding and to determine your personal preference concerning it, visit a mattress store and test the products by lying on the floor display models.

Back pain sufferers should regularly replace their mattresses. Mattresses that are used for an extended period may start to show signs of wear. Even a mattress that was comfortable when first purchased can decline in comfort over time. The springiness of the coils and the plushness of the padding can change after repeated use.

If you regularly suffer from back pain and are would like to learn more ways to alleviate your discomfort, schedule a consultation with a back pain specialist.