Keeping Your Allergic Child Safe From Bee Stings

No parent wants to see their child stung by a bee or wasp, but parents of children who are allergic to these stings can rightfully fall prey to panic. Even when you carry epinephrine injectors, you may not feel that your child is safe. You cannot keep your child away from these insects at all times, but you can teach your child to avoid stinging situations.


Children should be able to enjoy the spring and summer. Your allergic child can do so but needs to be more careful than other children. Those who are allergic to bees and wasps should never go barefoot outside. If you step on a bee, a sting is almost inevitable. Also, make certain that your child plays far away from flowerbeds. In fact, you may want to minimize flowers in your landscaping efforts and concentrate on non-flowering plant varieties. Also, when you send your child out to play, stick with muted clothing colors. A bright yellow t-shirt just screams for bees to come closer. 

Food and Beverages

Discourage your child from eating or drinking outside. Picnics are particularly dangerous because they offer a smorgasbord of treats for stinging insects as well as people. Soda cans are even more attractive to bees. Those sugary drinks lure these insects close, and bees and wasps can even go inside of the cans. When your child takes a swig, they receive a painful sting right on the lips or even in the mouth. Separate your allergic child from food and beverages when they are outdoors. 


Teaching your child to stay calm when bees approach or even land on them is a difficult task. After all, they've already suffered great trauma from a sting. However, if they play "statue," they will have less chance of irritating the bee and causing it to sting. Once your child is absolutely still, try gently blowing on the bee to encourage it to fly away. Swatting or running will only lead to a painful and possibly dangerous result.

In addition to carrying epinephrine with you at all times, you should consult a doctor about your child possibly starting allergy treatments. In some cases, their sensitivity to these stings can be greatly reduced. Do not keep your child indoors. A big part of a happy childhood is playing with the neighborhood kids and enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Just teach them preventative measures and be prepared to step in if necessary. Visit for more information.