Boost Your Loved One's Morale And Demonstrate How Much You Care While They Are Recovering From A Fall In A Rehab

If one of your elderly relatives has injured their leg during a fall and will need to remain in a short-term rehabilitative facility until they recover, the following tips will help boost their morale during their stay and will demonstrate how much you care for them.

Book Of Positive Affirmations And Journal

Purchase a book of positive affirmations and a journal. Give both items to your loved one and encourage them to read the passages in the book whenever they are feeling down. Uplifting words can work wonders for your family member's mindset and may help them remain focused on improving their mobility and healing.

Your loved one can write down how they are feeling in the journal and reflect back on it often in order to remain motivated or to gain insight into what triggers them to feel a particular way. Expressing words through a journal will also come in handy during times that they are alone and cannot verbally speak to another person.

Gift Basket Delivery For Hard Work

Encourage your family member to continue striving to walk or complete exercises that are suggested to them at the rehabilitation center by ordering a gift basket that is filled with fresh fruit, candy, toiletries, and reading materials whenever they meet a specific goal. Have the basket delivered during a time that your loved one is relaxing.

A gift basket can be enjoyed on a daily basis and will help your family member feel cherished. The gift may also help keep your loved one motivated in order to reach goals that are necessary in order to heal properly or walk on their own. 

Handwritten Letters Of Praise

If you are unable to visit your family member each day, begin writing them letters in order to let them know how much they mean to you and how proud of them you are for their hard work. Letters can be read over and over and will help prevent them from feeling lonely when they are alone. They may also decide to write back to you. This could help strengthen your relationship  with your loved one and make you aware of each milestone that is met during their rehabilitation sessions with a therapist.

If your family member continues to receive support from you, they may remain optimistic throughout their stay at the rehabilitation facility so that they are able to recover properly and regain mobility. For more information, check out the site.