Having Constant Join Pain And Swelling? See A Specialist And Do These Things

If you feel like the pain in your joints isn't normal, and that you have a poor immunological system, you could be dealing with rheumatoid arthritis or a similar condition. If your regular family physician isn't capable of diagnosing the problem that you had or they have suggested that you see a specialist about the problems you're having, you want to speed up the process of getting a diagnosis for the pain. You will want to have the following completed when you see the specialist.

Blood Work

There is lab work that can be taken to look for arthritis, blood disorders, or other conditions that could be contributing to the pain. You want to have the blood drawn so you can get the lab results and have them in hand when you are ready to see the specialist about your complications, and so they can read the blood work right away.

MRI or Scan of Area

A test like an MRI will show the cartilage and ligaments in the areas where you feel pain, so they can see if there is a lot of cartilage in the area, or if the joints have cartilage loss and a lot of inflammation. You will want to have this ordered in advance since it can be difficult to find a time to get in for the scan, and because you may have to wait to get it approved by your insurance.

Family History

You want to have a full report of the genetic conditions and problems in your blood line that you can learn about, to help your specialist get more information on what could be wrong with you. The more they know about the genes and illnesses that you have within your family, the more they can target certain conditions and find out what is going on.

You don't want to suffer any longer, so it's important that you get to the bottom of the problem by finding a specialist that deals with arthritis services, and make sure that you are prepared when go to your appointment with the specialist. When you already have the areas scanned, the blood work completed, and they can look at what runs in your family, it's going to help them put together the pieces and figure out why you aren't well.  Find a specialist and start getting things moving to get well as soon as possible.