Why A Stroke Survivor Should Undergo Occupational Therapy

Suffering a stroke is the type of condition that can be life changing. If you are currently suffering from stroke complications that led to you not being able to perform many of the tasks that you once were able to, seeking assistance from an occupational therapist is a good idea. Be getting help from a professional, it is possible for you to gain more control of your life. For instance, you can learn how to get around without having to ask people for assistance all of the time. In this article, you will learn about some of the advantages you will have by undergoing occupational therapy for your stroke complications.

1. Learn How to Use Assistive Devices Effectively

An important thing that you will learn while undergoing occupational therapy is how to use assistive devices in an effective manner. For instance, even if you already know how to use a wheelchair, a therapist can show you how to maneuver in it a lot easier. He or she will show you how to access items that are in cabinets and other hard to reach spaces while you are sitting in the wheelchair. If you use a walker or crutches, you will also learn how to use them effectively. Learning to get in and out of vehicles while using assistive devices is another thing that a therapist can teach you.

2. Adapt to a Healthier Lifestyle to Prevent Future Strokes

You will learn how to prevent future strokes during your time in therapy, such as how to eat healthier foods. For instance, being that high blood pressure is one of the common causes of a stroke, it is important to avoid foods that can raise it up. Salt is usually one of the foods that must be used lightly or not at all if you are suffering from high blood pressure. You will also learn about things that can be done to lower your blood pressure, such as by including garlic in your meals. Learning relaxation techniques is another way to keep your blood pressure at a safe level.

3. Increase Your Ability to Perform Important Tasks

The tasks that you perform on a daily basis will become easier as you go through occupational therapy. For instance, you will learn how to take baths and brush your hair, such as if your hands were partially paralyzed from the stroke. You will also learn how to carry groceries, cook, clean, and many other things that are commonly done on a regular basis. 

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