Wrap Your Ego In Comfort And Still See Well

As you age, you may need glasses. If you already have glasses, your prescription may change to include bi-focals or tri-focals. If you are uncomfortable or subconscious about these changes, take heart. There are eyeglasses that you can get which wrap your ego in comfort and still allow you to see very well.

No-Line Bifocals

Traditional bi-focals are extremely obvious. There is that line that cuts each lens in half, and that awkward bit of the lens that looks like the reflective part of a fish's eye. However, in no-line bifocals, there are no lines cutting your lenses in half. There are no obvious fish-eye bits of glass either. All you get is a cleverly crafted set of lenses that let you see up close and far away just as you would if you did not have a bifocal prescription.

No-Line Trifocals

If you find out you need trifocals, you can do one of two things. One, wear no-line bifocals and then use reading glasses for everything that is within arm's reach. Two, invest in no-line trifocals and secure your secret that you need to wear glasses with a triple prescription. The no-line trifocals are similar to the no-line bifocals in that they are engineered in a similar way, but instead of the bifocal prescription and missing bifocal line, your no-line trifocals are prescribed just for your tri-focal vision correction and do not have three lines cutting through the lenses.

More Good News

If you really do not want anyone to see you in glasses at all, you can wear bifocal and tri-focal contact lenses. These are engineered to work the exact same way as your glasses, only they sit directly on your eyes, just like any other pair of contacts. At this time, these very unique contacts are only available in clear, so if you want to wear fashion color contacts, you will have to wear your tri-focal/bifocal glasses to see.

Why Laser Surgery Is Not An Option

Before you jump to laser surgery as an option, you should know that laser vision correction does not correct problems with the natural lenses in your eyes. Since bifocal and tri-focal issues have everything to do with the inflexibility and rigidity of your eyes' natural lenses, laser surgery will not help. It may be possible to permanently replace your natural lenses with contact lenses via a surgery called intraocular lens replacement surgery. You will need to discuss the surgery with your eye doctor. 

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