3 Tips For Living With Scoliosis

Scoliosis is not a medical condition that is limited to children. Many adults have the condition. Living with scoliosis can sometimes be challenging, but there are many ways you can handle those difficulties. If you have scoliosis, here are some tips for living better and managing the condition:

Improve Your Sleep Situation

How you sleep plays a major role in the progression of scoliosis. Your back and neck need to be supported to prevent a flattening of the thoracic curve. Your pillow and mattress are key to avoiding this.

You need a good pillow and mattress that helps to keep your spine aligned while you are sleeping. Mattresses, such as a memory foam type, might be the best option for you. Your pillow should not be too cushiony or your head will feel unsupported and the curve of your spine could be misaligned. You could even experience pain.

Take Advantage of Non-Surgical Treatments

Your doctor will develop a medical treatment plan to help treat your condition. Although it is important to follow your doctor's plan, you can also incorporate some non-surgical methods of treatment to help alleviate your symptoms.

For instance, acupuncture and massage therapy are used by some to help with chronic discomfort. You can also talk to your doctor about physical therapy. In therapy, you can learn exercises that can help with not only the discomfort but with strengthening your neck and back. Before starting a non-surgical treatment though, clear it with your doctor.

Check Your Work Environment

The environment in which you work also has an impact on your condition. If you sit for long periods of time, you need to make sure you have a chair that is supportive to your back. You can use a rolled towel at the lower back to help improve a chair's support.

While sitting in your chair, make sure your feet are touching the floor. Practice sitting with your shoulders back and your chin up. This will help to protect your back.

If possible, take periodic breaks throughout the day to give your back some relief. At the minimum, you should be taking a small stretching break every hour. You do not have to dedicate 10 minutes or longer to it. A minute or two is enough.

Contact a medical office like C D Denison about other ways you can make life with scoliosis easier. He or she can recommend tips that are specific to your health and condition.