3 Ways That A Dermatologist Can Help Teens Feel Better About Their Appearance

Many people never really think about taking their teen to a dermatologist. However, doing so can be a good idea in many cases. For example, if your teen feels self-conscious about the way that he or she looks, a dermatologist can help. Since self-esteem and self-confidence are very important for teens, it can definitely be worth it to schedule your teen an appointment for these reasons and more.

1. Helping with Acne

First of all, if your teen is like many people who are his or her age, he or she might have trouble with acne. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying over-the-counter face washes, creams and other products to see if they help. If your teen is not seeing any improvement in his or her skin, however, it might be time for an appointment with a dermatologist. Your child's dermatologist can then assess the problem and help with things like prescribing medication that might help with the issue.

2. Assisting with Visible Birthmarks or Moles

Even though some people embrace their birthmarks or moles, some people feel very self-conscious about them. This is especially true if they are especially large or if they are in very visible places, such as on the face or neck. If your teen feels self-conscious about a birthmark or mole, it can pay to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Then, your teen can find out about procedures that may help with minimizing their appearance or getting rid of them altogether. Additionally, the dermatologist can also check to make sure that your teen's moles are dangerous, which is obviously important.

3. Providing Tips for Better Skin Care

Some teens just don't really know how to take good care of their skin, and they might not always listen to their parents. A dermatologist can talk to your teen about proper skin care, such as having a good face washing routine and wearing sunscreen. This can help your teen learn how to take care of him or herself and how to look his or her best. Plus, it can help your teen establish good self-care habits at an early age.

As you can see, if your teen son or daughter has been feeling a bit self-conscious about his or her appearance, it can be a good idea to take him or her to a dermatologist. For more information or advice, contact a dermatologist such as Henry D. McKinney M.D.