2 Everyday Causes Of Neck And Back Pain

Millions of people struggle with neck and back pain on a daily basis, but many of them do not realize that daily habits and activities may actually be at the root of the problem. There are a number of everyday causes of neck and back pain that can be fixed with some behavioral and fitness changes. Here are some of the most common reasons why people struggle with back and neck pain.

1. Poor posture

Many people have jobs that require them to sit for the majority of the day. Sitting for prolonged periods is hard enough on the back and neck, but the strain is made much worse by poor posture in the chair. Many people have under-developed core muscles, resulting in a rounded posture slouching forward, especially to look at a screen. This slouching becomes second nature and affects standing posture as well. Over time, the muscles and discs in the back and spine become injured under the strain, and you may even develop spinal shape changes and imbalances that lead to chronic back pain.

To fix the problem with poor posture, buy a supportive chair. Focus on keeping both feet on the floor, and try to keep your shoulders back to help preserve the natural curve of your spine and prevent your neck fro extending too far forward. The constant looking down at a screen places a great deal of strain on the vertebrae at the base of the neck and is one of the main reason for tension in the upper back. Focus on keeping your head up and aligned.

2. Under-activity

Related to poor posture, a lack of activity is also one of the reasons why people can experience back pain. Without regular physical activity, core muscle support fades, stressing the smaller muscles and disc spaces in the back. Sitting on couches or lying in bed also rarely provides the right support for the back, and spending a lot of time in recumbent positions can aggravate nerves in the back. Those with back pain may not feel like exercising, but even taking 30 minutes a day to walk while focusing on engaging the core will help to restore some muscle tone. If you enjoy unwinding with a video game or TV show, try to do so while standing or while doing some stationary exercises and long-holding stretches, which can also help to return muscle strength.

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