Emergency Vertebral Stabilization May Be Necessary For Construction Workers After A Fall Off A Ladder

Ladders are a critical part of working on a construction crew but they can be dangerous if they aren't used properly. Unfortunately, a large number of construction workers will fall off ladders every year and suffer from a variety of injuries. If you or somebody else on a construction site falls from a ladder and shows symptoms of vertebral fractures, it is critical to call a professional for emergency stabilization.

Ladder Falls Are A Very Common Problem

CDC statistics report that over 81 percent of all fall injuries in the construction industry are caused by ladders. There are a few reasons for this problem. Sometimes, the ladder is poorly supported and the worker falls off. Or they may simply be in a hurry and slip off of a rung and land hard on their back, suffering a serious injury.

In many instances, these injuries are easy to recover from, such as a sprained ankle or a broken wrist. While not pain-free, these problems don't require serious medical treatment. Unfortunately, this kind of fall can also cause vertebral fractures and may put your health and even your life at serious risk.

A Ladder Fall Can Cause Vertebral Fractures

When you fall off a ladder and land on your back, you are putting a severe strain and pressure on your vertebrae and spinal cord. Unfortunately, all of that force can cause a break in your vertebrae known as a fracture. This is not the same as breaking the spinal cord, but it can be dangerous.

This fracture can cause your disc to slip and will cause extreme pain. In some instances, it may threaten your personal mobility. That's why it is critical to get emergency stabilization on the scene the moment somebody falls from a ladder. It could save them from a life in a wheelchair.

Why Emergency Stabilization Is Important

If you show symptoms of vertebral fractures after a fall from a ladder, it is critical to see a doctor immediately for emergency stabilization. This treatment method will help to keep your back stable and prevent serious complications. It typically occurs on the site of the accident and is used before you are moved to a medical facility.

When it occurs, your spine and your back will be stabilized and held stiff to ensure that any injuries don't get complicated. Just as importantly, you will be taken to an emergency treatment center where more curative treatments can be pursued, such as spinal fusion and various forms of vertebral surgery on your damaged spine.

So if you are ever on a job site and fall off a ladder or see somebody else fall off, don't hesitate to contact a medical professional right away. They can help avoid vertebral fractures by stabilizing the back and working to manage any serious injuries.