What Is Your Thyroid Trying To Tell You?

If you pay close attention to your body, you might be able to learn a lot about your health. Your thyroid has a lot to do with your body's regular functions, from your menstrual cycle to your digestive issues.

Pay close attention to these symptoms. Your thyroid might have a message for you.

Intense Anxiety

Some people with thyroid issues suddenly begin to exhibit the symptoms of anxiety. If you suddenly have anxiety symptoms you never experienced before, it could be linked to the hormones your thyroid is putting out there. The hormones could make you feel shaky or nervous because you have more going on in your body. Sometimes this anxiety may come out like you are jittery, as if you have a sudden burst of energy.

Thinning Hair

The health and body of your hair could tell you something about your thyroid as well. For instance, thinning hair could indicate an overactive or underactive thyroid because of the impact hormones have on the hair growth cycle.

Weight Fluctuations

Weight gain can be a major sign, especially if you have not changed your eating or workout habits. An underactive thyroid can lead to dramatic weight gain, and the lack of hormones released by the thyroid means your metabolism lowers.

On the other side of the spectrum, you might also find yourself eating more but somehow losing weight. This is the result of an overactive thyroid.

Women's Issues

For many women, the thyroid can impact how often you have your period, how long it lasts, and how heavy or light your bleeding is. In some cases, thyroid issues can even lead to miscarriage or fertility concerns. These are issues you should definitely bring up to your doctor.

Digestive Issues

Many people with thyroid issues also face a sudden change in their digestive function and in their bowel movements. Depending on whether your thyroid releases too few or too many hormones, you could face frequent constipation or frequent diarrhea.

When Is Your Thyroid an Emergency?

In some cases, the issues your thyroid is warning about might be linked to an emergency health issue. For example, if the anxiety or jitteriness begins to feel like intense heart palpitations, the condition could be much more serious.

If you are having a medical emergency, reach out for emergency medical services right away. Emergency medical services can not only ease the symptoms you are experiencing but also ensure that the issue is not more serious.