How Compounding Pet Pharmacies Help Dogs with Allergies Stay Worms-Free

Treating diseases like worms is usually quite easy for a dog but can be complicated by many factors. For example, a dog may have an allergy that makes it difficult for them to tolerate certain types of medicine. And if that ingredient is used in most types of medicines for that purpose, it may be necessary to visit a compounding pharmacy that can help create a new and safer alternative.

Allergies May Make a Dog's Life Tough

Raising a happy and healthy dog requires an owner to provide them with various medications to manage worms, rabies, and other types of health issues. Unfortunately, dogs can be allergic to these medications—such as various types of ingredients in worm medicine—that make it impossible to use most types in a way that benefits the poor pup.

And though it is possible to buy allergic medications that may decrease these effects, a dog will likely have some reaction no matter what type of medicines an owner uses. Therefore, it is critical for that owner to find a way to help their pup. And one of the best ways to do that is to talk to a pet compounding pharmacist who can create new medicines for a dog's needs.

How Compounding Medicines May Help

Compounding pharmacies create new medicines by taking ingredients from others and mixing them in various ways. This option is often utilized to increase the effect of a drug without requiring a new prescription. However, it can also be used to decrease a dog's allergic reaction by removing the offending chemical from the drug and replacing it with another.

In some cases, the ingredient causing this reaction may be removed completely—at this point, the dog won't experience any allergic reactions while ensuring that their worms are destroyed. It all depends on what chemical causes their reaction and how important it is for the medicine to work. Some may not be as critical as others and may be eliminated and other ingredients boosted to take its place.

Whatever the need, compounded pet medications can be a good choice for those who have a dog who suffers from many types of allergic reactions and who needs to stay strong and healthy despite various infections. Thankfully, many types of high-quality pet compounding pharmacies can provide this service, often with the help of a dog's pet insurance policy coverage. Contact local pharmacies and vet clinics to learn more.