Home Oxygen Therapy: Benefits You'll Enjoy

When you're struggling with lung, respiratory, or oxygen absorption issues, your doctor may prescribe the use of oxygen at home. When you're prescribed oxygen at home, you'll be given regular deliveries of liquid oxygen tanks or an oxygen concentrator to use. Make sure that you follow your doctor's instructions for whichever treatment method you were given so that you can get the best possible benefits from the therapy. Here's a look at some of the ways that home oxygen treatment might help you. 

Reduce Breathless Feelings 

If you struggle with feeling short of breath or breathless, even if only when walking from the chair to the kitchen, you will typically find some improvement once you're using oxygen at home full-time. By improving your oxygen concentration, your body will typically be able to better handle movement, reducing your breathlessness. It won't completely eliminate the problem in most cases, but you should notice some improvement.

Improved Energy Levels

When your body doesn't get the oxygen that it needs, you'll find that you struggle with persistent fatigue. Oxygen is an essential component of general energy. When your doctor adds home oxygen to your treatment plan, you will likely find that your energy levels increase. You won't necessarily see a drastic change, but you are likely to find that you can get through your general daily activities more easily and with far less fatigue than in the past.

More Restful Sleep

Struggling to breathe and getting insufficient oxygen can disrupt your sleep patterns and quality. This can leave you feeling even more fatigued than you otherwise would, and can cause long-term health problems due to insufficient rest and recuperation. If you're struggling to sleep because of breathing problems or low oxygen concentration, you will often notice more consistent, restful sleep once you're on home oxygen treatment. Consistent oxygen levels will allow your body to rest more thoroughly, giving your body what it needs for adequate sleep and recovery.

More Daily Engagement

Each of these benefits by themselves can lead to greater quality of life, but when you combine them, they put you in a position where you'll be able to enjoy your days more easily, spend more time engaged with your loved ones and friends, and enjoy more new experiences.

If you've been struggling with the discomfort and trouble breathing that's disrupted your life, talk with your doctor about the possibility of adding home oxygen therapy for these benefits.