Why Your Lawyer Might Work with a Catastrophic Injury Merit Screening Consultant

If you have found a lawyer who you want to hire to help you with your personal injury case, then you might assume that your lawyer will handle your case on their own. In addition to working with their own legal team from their office, however, there is a good chance they will reach out to others to help them with your case, too. For example, they might reach out to a catastrophic injury merit screening consultant. If you aren't really sure of why your lawyer would want to work with one of these professionals, consider these reasons.

They Might Not Be Sure if They Want to Take on Your Case

First of all, not all personal injury lawyers will take on all cases that are presented to them. They might first want to find out if the case has a good chance in court. Your lawyer might hire one of these consultants to help them determine whether or not your case has merit before they actually sign a contract with you to work on your case.

They Might Be Required to Get a Certificate of Merit

In some states, there are pretty strict laws that have to be followed by lawyers who work on personal injury cases. Your lawyer might be required to get a certificate of merit before moving forward with your case, for example.

They'll Want to Help Your Case as Much as Possible

No matter which lawyer you might hire to help you with your personal injury case, they should be dedicated to helping your case as much as possible. First of all, on a personal level, many lawyers feel for their clients and their situations and want to do everything they can to help. Additionally, your lawyer's income from the case and their reputation are on the line when handling your case, too.

A lawyer who wants to do everything they can to win your case might find that working with a catastrophic injury merit screening consultant will really help them out. After all, this can help them provide medical documentation that you have, in fact, been catastrophically injured. The medical professional who performs the screening should also be able to get an idea of whether or not your injury was caused by the accident or situation in question. Having all of this evidence from an unbiased medical professional can go a long way toward helping you and your lawyer be successful with your personal injury case.

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