Key Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

Stem cell therapy and research is a phrase that many people have heard of. It has seen controversy, but it has also seen extreme benefits in many patients. In fact, this type of therapy is not limited to one or two types of health assistance. It can be useful in several aspects of the medical world. One area that may be a surprise to you deals with knee pain. If you have never heard of knee pain stem cell therapy and treatment, consider these benefits that may help with your knee diagnosis. 

Repairing Damage

When you think of any kind of pain treatment, you may think of an ongoing treatment plan that reduces pain. In fact, you may think entirely of pain management when you think of stem cells. The truth is, stem cells can be used to repair as well as for ongoing pain management treatment. When stem cells are introduced to the damaged tissue that is causing or contributing to your knee pain, the cells begin to create new tissue. This new tissue will work with the current tissue to help repair the area and reduce pain. 

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation is one of the leading issues causing knee and knee joint pain. The inflammation can cause swelling and increased pain or discomfort. This inflammation can also lead to ongoing issues with walking, exercise, and activities of daily living. When stem cells are introduced to the area, they help trigger the healing process. The first step in this healing process is the reduction of inflammation and swelling in the area. This may take several treatments, however, the key benefit is that it can help reduce and maintain that reduction with the proper treatment plan. 

Reduce Surgery Chances

With the combined efforts of the stem cells dealing with repair and the reduction of inflammation, you can also help reduce surgery chances. The stem cells can help repair the tissue and maintain the reduction of swelling that can lead to further injury. As the injury chances and daily pain are reduced so is the need for surgery. Keep in mind that if there is significant damage and that damage is widespread, you may still need some form of surgery. However, if the knee issue is caught early enough, stem cell therapy can offer benefits. 

These are just a few of the benefits of using knee pain stem cell therapy and treatment. If you believe you may be a candidate for this type of therapy and treatment, contact your physician. They may need to put in a referral to a specialist to discuss your stem cell-related options and where you can receive this kind of treatment. They can also discuss if your insurance may cover it or if it would need to be an out-of-pocket procedure. 

For more information on knee pain stem cell therapy, contact a professional near you.