What Should You Look For In A Senior Wellness Program?

As people grow older, they become increasingly prone to health problems and ailments. However, good preventative care can reduce the risk of such ailments and also help patients keep functioning well in spite of what ails them. For seniors, this preventative care can come in the form of a senior wellness program. Such programs generally include a wide range of services that are specially tailored to the needs of senior citizens. But what services, in particular, should you look for in a good senior wellness program? Take a look.


Exercise helps keep the heart and lungs healthy. It helps patients manage their weight, and it also helps keep the joints loose and mobile. However, many seniors cannot do very intensive exercises such as step aerobics or running, so they need exercise routines that are easier on the joints. A senior wellness program that contains an exercise component will help seniors get in shape and stay in shape. This can take many forms. One program, for instance, may host group walks twice a week. Another may have a personal trainer work with seniors who visit the gym together.

Supplement Guidance

Many older adults can benefit from various vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. But navigating the world of supplements is not easy. There are good products and not-so-good products. There are also some products that may do more harm than good if taken by someone who doesn't strictly need them. A senior wellness program that offers supplement counseling can therefore be a good choice. The member can meet with a doctor or nutritionist who reviews their health history and lifestyle to recommend the best supplements for them to take.

Cognitive Exercises

Mental wellness is important for seniors, who sometimes struggle to navigate the changes that come at this stage of life. It's also important for seniors to be cognitively challenged from time to time, as this helps preserve their brain function and ward off dementia. Therefore, it's wise to look for a senior wellness program that includes some cognitive exercises. This might be informal activities like solving puzzles, or it may be more formal activities, such as a book club or trivia competition.

Senior wellness programs are good ways to keep older adults active and healthy in an organized manner. Look for a program like this near you, and consider enrolling. It can make a big difference in your daily life and your overall health.