What Is Your Thyroid Trying To Tell You?

If you pay close attention to your body, you might be able to learn a lot about your health. Your thyroid has a lot to do with your body's regular functions, from your menstrual cycle to your digestive issues. Pay close attention to these symptoms. Your thyroid might have a message for you. Intense Anxiety Some people with thyroid issues suddenly begin to exhibit the symptoms of anxiety. If you suddenly have anxiety symptoms you never experienced before, it could be linked to the hormones your thyroid is putting out there.

Are You Finished Building Your Family and Need a Longer-Lasting Form of Birth Control? 3 Things to Know About Getting an IUD

An intrauterine device is one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy today. While the effectiveness of these devices depends upon the type, you can typically expect for one to prevent you from getting pregnant for anywhere from three to six years as long as it stays inserted. Since this type of birth control requires very little thought outside of the initial planning and insertion, it is also perfect for a busy parent who may not want to take time out of their day to take a pill.

3 Ways To Stand Out From The Competition When Looking For An Entry Level Nursing Job

Now that you're ready to land your first nursing job, it's a good idea to take some steps that will help set you apart from your competition. Here are a few important things you can do to get the job done: Volunteer at a Local Retirement Facility You can gain some experience in the nursing field to help put you ahead of the competition by volunteering at one of the retirement facilities in your neighborhood.

Parasomnia: Is It The Reason For Your Nightly Sleepwalking?

If you sleepwalk every night, your family may worry about your safety and well-being. Sleepwalking, or somnambulism, is a type of parasomnia disorder. The disorder generally causes you to do things in your sleep that other people wouldn't, such as sleepwalk or talk. You may even experience severe nightmares or terrors when you have parasomnia. Learn more about parasomnia and how it causes you to sleepwalk below. What's Parasomnia? Adults and children go through different stages of sleep at night, including deep sleep (REM) and light sleep (non-REM).

Recently Diagnosed with a Brain Condition? What to Know to Stay Proactive

If you have recently been diagnosed with having some type of brain condition and you aren't sure what you can do to make it better or how you can be the most proactive with your treatment, there are some different things that you will want to consider. Here are some of the options that you should talk to your doctor about and that you should pursue so you can stay on top of the condition and push to live a healthy life.