4 Suggestion To Lessen Back Pain During Pregnancy

For many women, being pregnant is a miraculous experience. Many women love the feeling of growing a baby inside their body. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't challenges. It is not uncommon for many women to experience discomfort. One of the most common complaints is back pain. Here are 4 suggestions to getting rid of back pain during pregnancy. 1. Walk Often Although it might seem counterintuitive, the more active you are, the less pain you will experience.

When Heartburn From Your Favorite Meal Doesn't Go Away

A little heartburn won't stop many people from enjoying their favorite meal, especially around holidays or special occasions. But when that heartburn continues after eating a few antacid tablets, it's time to get checked out for something more serious. Health Line says that nearly 60 percent of Americans will have some form of heartburn during the year. For a few people, it recurs weekly. This can be the sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

3 Things You Should Never Do If You Have Back Pain

If you develop back pain at some point, then it is important to be aware of what things can make the pain worse. To prevent further pain and injury, here are 3 things you should never do. Arching Your Back One of the worst things for your back is arching it. Arching the spine puts pressure on the lower vertebrae, and it can result in injury if you arch your back while working out.

Preparing Your Child For A Dental Visit: 10 Tips

A visit to the dentist can be frightening for a child. It may be the child's first visit, or they might be too young to remember going to the dentist before. Here are ten simple ways you can help ease your child's fears and prepare your young patient and yourself for a trip to the dentist.  Read Books Check out some books about dental visits from the library and read them before you even mention the upcoming dental visit.

Food Allergy Bullying: How To Help Your Child Overcome Negative Behavior From Peers

Food allergies are on the rise in school buildings. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the number of kids with food allergies has increased nearly 50 percent since 1997. If your child is the one out of 13 kids who suffers from food allergies, he or she may also be the victim of bullying or mean behavior regarding those allergies. And, unlike a prank that might simply be embarrassing for another child, a kid with allergies may have his or her life threatened by this bullying behavior.