When Your Child Is Allergic To Homework

Fighting with your children over their homework is a time-honored tradition, one that can inspire you to pull out your hair. At the peak of your aggravation, you may even say sarcastically, "Are you allergic to homework?" Well, the truth is that they may be allergic to some components of their school assignments. If your child avoids hitting the books, their immune system may hold the answers.  Books With school budgets being what they are, your child may end up bringing home textbooks that have been used for years and sometimes stored in damp and humid rooms over the summer.

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Being overweight doesn't just affect your physical appearance; it can also lead to serious health issues, like heart disease and diabetes. If you are currently carrying too many pounds, you can take steps to get healthy. Losing weight won't come easy, but you can accomplish your goals if you're disciplined and patient. Just do not makes these common weight loss mistakes along the way: Overestimating How Many Calories Exercise Burns

Treatment Options For Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

When you go in for your routine breast exam or mammogram, the last thing you want is to receive any kind of bad news from your doctor. However, if your physician finds cause for concern, they may eventually determine that you have what is known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). This diagnosis is considered to be stage zero breast cancer, or cancer cells that are isolated to the milk duct in the breast.

Avoid Antibiotics By Using Natural Remedies To Treat Sinus Infections

If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, you may be quite used to taking antibiotics to treat the infections. While antibiotics can help reduce the symptoms of sinus infections, they are not always the best remedy. If you are currently experiencing all the symptoms of a sinus infection and are not sure whether or not to see a doctor to get an antibiotic, here are a couple things to think about.

3 Tips for Handling Seasonal Allergies

High pollen counts can leave someone with seasonal allergies feeling miserable. For some, the allergic reaction is temporary and only lasts for a few days. For others, the struggle goes on for several weeks before they experience any relief. To help you get through the season, here are some tips for handling your allergies.   Remove Your Clothes and Shoes As you move around outside throughout the day, your clothes and shoes are picking up pollen and other seasonal allergens.